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For words woven into phrases that I have borrowed I acknowledge - Carl Banyan, Terrence Watts, Roy Hunter, Devin Hastings, Rick Collingwood, Milton Erickson, Del Morrill, Dave Elman, and pretty much anyone who has written words that when put together activate the helping parts of our mind to effect positive change.

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Somehow Smoking
and all the reasons for doing it
now seem really silly to you

When you tell me you want to stop smoking
I believe you
When you Stop Smoking
you do

Come on, there is just you me and your computer screen here......

I am not going to give you more of the same old statistics to read just yet or make you feel bad about something you simply learned to do once upon a time. There are heaps of links at the bottom of this page if you want to read up on what smoking does to you. There is even a cost of smoking calculator here.

By the time you get to the end of this page, your subconscious mind may have painted many pictures and absorbed a lot of information that helps you to  acknowledge how you really feel; it is possible that you may already have begun the body-mind process that helps you to believe that you can simply stop smoking because you choose to, and realise, very clearly, that you are definitely not 'giving up' anything by your decision to extend the length and enhance the quality of your life.

Even a book is really just a bunch of words, until you, the reader, agrees to take the journey and allow the pictures to form.
Don't try to concentrate, just absorb the words and background as if you are day dreaming.

Be honest with yourself and simply notice how it feels.

You know the statistics
You know about the chemicals, toxins and poisons
You know you never look at those commercials 
because if you did, you would be terrified, maybe mortified,
you would have to face your self 
like looking in a mirror that reflects 
the possible end result 
of continuing to make bad decisions
of continuing to do what you have been doing 
in regard to smoking 
You know it could kill you - slowly
You would never give a cigarette to your dog
or your baby
but you love them, right?
You know smoking is just a habit 
and a habit is a conditioned response 
just like eating with a knife and fork 
or chop sticks
Smoking hurts
You hate smoking
You hate how it makes you feel
Other people hate it
You hate how it makes other people look down on you
You hate knowing that you burn your cash to ash
You hate imagining how big that pile of ash is 
that remains from your smoked up cash
You don't like that it controls you
You resent the amount of time you waste
You hate how you smell
You hate how your skin hair and teeth look and feel
You hate how smoking has been aging you
You hate that smoking has made living hard work
You hate the hacking cough
the copious amounts of sticky phlegm
the shortness of breath
that thump in your heart
It winds you up and then lets you down
It gives you hope until you light up
and then depresses you because you did
Like an untrustworthy friend that keeps letting you down
it continues to betray you
It nags at you until you feed it again

you do and it hassles you again and again
Imagine now that
You are beginning to appreciate that breathing easily 
is really handy to being alive 
You love yourself and
you are beginning to remember how good it feels 
to be free to live effortlessly and normally 
in your own body
It feels great to get rid of all the poisons and toxins 
and feel clean again
You know that once you get rid of them
out of your body 
by your choice they can stay out for good
You are already repairing and restoring
and healing through every cell in your body
Any cravings are simply proof that you are detoxing
You can easily breathe to relax and recharge
You have more time to do stuff
and you actually get things done
You have more energy
more money
You now know how people afford holidays
You could have a massage
buy some new clothes
prepare good clean food
You have a good clean taste in your mouth
Your body - mind wisdom kicks in 
and takes over so that you only want and crave 
what is good and healthy for you
You like feeling good

Because of your decision 
and follow through
to be a non smoker 
you appreciate all of the benefits 
of living
the better you feel
the easier it gets
The easier it gets
the better you feel

You know that you deserve 
all of these benefits 
As a non smoker
you appreciate being around to enjoy
your partner
or finding one
your children 
or loved ones
fresh clean air
making love
making choices
seeing well
great circulation
sleeping well
thinking clearly
climbing stairs
You realise that even though you did learn to smoke
it's just one of those things 
that even though you may have learned to do it well 
you just don't have any use for it anymore
Some things we learn do become obsolete 
or we simply grow out of them
Sometimes you notice that as you get more interested 
in something else 
you tend to forget about stuff 
that you used to do 
or even people you used to know
You can look back from the not too distant future 
and have a smile to yourself as you realise
just how easy it was to become a non smoker
You can see vividly in your mind
the old smoking part of you shrink to the size of a pinprick
at the edge of the horizon
You know that with it go all the old hang ups and reasons and feelings
They belong in the past now and have just become forgotten in a fog of forgetfulness
You now do an about turn and walk confidently into your future
smiling triumphantly with health strength and pride
You dare not look back until you can do so with empathy
forgiving that smoker who once took you for a ride
With forgiveness and understanding you keep walking forward
as each breath and each step moves you safely further away
Each day
You really enjoy feeling good about you
You know that because you have stopped smoking you can achieve lots of things
You're healthier, wealthier, happier, calmer, more proud and more tolerant
You notice more
miss out on less
You are very aware of a greater, broader, richer appreciation
of a lot of things
even yourself
Somehow some things just seem like 
they are so far in the distant past
that it seems like it was someone else who was doing them
You focus on how good you feel
and you get excited about how good you're going to feel
You forget to remember to even think about smoking
Somehow stressful situations seem to be easier for you to deal with
all of the things that used to upset you
now seem to just simply calm and relax you
the more things used to stress or upset you
the more they now seem to simply calm and relax you
The calmness and relaxation that you breathe in
simply doesn't get involved with
the tension stress and anxiety that you now breathe away from your self
Your body has an easier time living 
You remain calm and relaxed knowing
that your body is repairing and building strength
to do the things that you really want to do
It was so much easier to stop doing something 
than it was to keep trying to give something up
It is so much easier to think about something else
instead of trying not to think about something
Somehow you forget to remember that you ever smoked those nasty smelly things
It's so much easier to understand now
that smoking never did do anything to improve your life
and once you take a moment to be in the future looking back
you see clearly that there was never anything to give up
You simply get better and start to recover
in a similar way to getting over the 'flu
You always feel so grateful when you start to feel better
It's wonderful to stop having that sore throat 
It's heaven to be able to breathe without that wheeze and rattle
clear those stuffed up sinuses and cloudy head
get rid of that sluggish achy feeling all through your body
To get back that sense of taste and smell
get a good night sleep
To have that energy back
To feel human again
and you realise
how amazing are my body and mind when they work together
and something in your subconscious mind kicks in and takes over
and starts to really begin to look after you
as you realise that you only want and crave the things that are good and healthy for you
Feeling the best that you can feel really is the top prize
You have won the top prize
You are so proud of yourself
You love yourself
and it is your right to feel good

           © Michele Pavey-Laumen 2009

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