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Self help and resources

If you need to talk to someone right now,
call Lifeline 131 114 (cost of a local call).

Free Online Services

Counselling Online  is a free online service for anyone seeking help about their own drug use or the drug use of a family member, relative or friend. The service is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across Australia.

Family Therapy Net  offers free marriage, family and relationship advice.

Self Hypnosis

Stage 1: Prepare

1. Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and feet flat on the floor, hands separated and resting upon your lap.
2. Pause long enough to settle down.
3. Want to relax, intend to relax, mean to relax, and think only of relaxation throughout this exercise.

Stage 2: Trigger Self-Hypnosis

1. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds until you are aware of the tension in your chest.
2. Repeat the words "Sleep Now" in your mind, firmly and with intention, as you begin to exhale slowly. Act as though letting out a deep sigh as your body slumps down in the chair like a limp rag doll. (Repeat these steps 1 & 2 three times.)
3. Pause long enough to settle down further. If you have not done so already, let your eyelids close now.

Stage 3: Deepen Self-Hypnosis

1. Begin counting slowly back in your mind from ten down to zero, thinking only of deepening relaxation as you do so. (The numbers are just used to bridge the mental gap, and break the relaxation process down into manageable stages.)
2. Pause long enough to settle down even further.

Stage 4: Positive Suggestion

1. Repeat an affirmation, such as "I now feel more happy, more positive, and more alive", many times in your mind. As you do so absorb your attention in the meaning of the words. Assume a relaxed and accepting attitude, and a firm but encouraging tone of voice.
2. Pause long enough to settle down into a sense of completion.

Stage 5: Hypnotic Emerging

1. Tell yourself your eyelids will flutter open on the count of five.
2. Count from one to five, assume a powerful and energetic tone as you begin to breathe more deeply.
3. Open your eyes and look for constructive ways to act upon your positive feelings.

Free Stuff

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Self Help Links and Info

Serious problems are best dealt with in conjunction with a professional,clinical hypnotherapist, but self hypnosisis is useful for boosting your confidence, encouraging yourself towards a healthier lifestyle, and improving your performance.

Self-Hypnosis Hypnotherapy - Hypnotize Yourself  Learn how to hypnotize yourself and make powerful changes in your life with our free online training tutorial.

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Hypnosis at Home

Free Hypnosis Downloads Trancesolutions

Australia’s Hypnosis Online  Make your own hypnosis recordings - Free scripts, hypnosis resources and links!


Hypnotherapist Register  The largest register of Hypnotherapy Practitioners in the UK and Ireland plus International Links  One of the earliest websites about hypnosis with lots of resources and links - Hypnosis Online - Everything about Hypnosis Online.    Hypnosis Online  This site is a collection of articles and information about Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Hypnosis Training, as well as Hypnosis related products and services for the public and the Hypnosis Professional. 

SANE has a range of resources to help people learn about and deal with anxiety disorders - Factsheets, pamphlets, A SANE Guide and the new DVD Kit. Visit the SANE Bookshop to find out more.

To learn about the early signs of anxiety, depression and other conditions, see  'When sadness won't go away', 'Something is not quite right' and other resources in the Factsheets area of