Clinical Hypnotherapy for Positive Change

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Am I safe?

you have come to your Hypnotherapist to overcome or change something, whatever that may be, you have decided to place your trust in the agreed process to get you to where you want to be.

  • You are not asleep
  • You are not under a spell
  • You are simply in a state of deep relaxation of  which you can choose to come out of whenever you like.
  • you will not blurt out or reveal any deep dark secrets or embarrass yourself.
  • There is nothing you will accept under hypnosis that is not good or healthy for your wellbeing. 
  • You will never accept suggestions that are not positive in the result you wish to achieve.
  • You just cannot take in anything that you don't believe.

In saying that, it is not possible to think of Hypnosis as some magic pill. You, and only you call the shots, always.
The Hypnotherapist works with a very clear and strict code of ethics that is bound by a duty of care.
If you have a genuine desire to find out where your ideas and dissatisfaction originated, Hypnosis is an ideal way to find out the truth so you can make the choices that are supportive towards your chosen positive change.

 How long does it take?

Some habits like smoking and nail biting can be changed in one session, a follow up session gives you the chance to check in and give feedback and to reinforce the benefits.
However some conditions need longer if the underlying history is causing your 'symptom, habit, or fear' to continue to be present in your life.

Generally speaking, if there is something you really want to change, one session will change the way you have been thinking up until now, you have decided to seek help after acknowledging disharmony, you made an appointment and showed up, you will have discussed the changes you wish to make with a supportive, and non judgmental hypnotherapist, and also have experienced a wonderfully deep relaxation. Already, you have done something different!

For the desired result to be permanent I suggest a course of three weekly sessions with a follow up session a fortnight later for feedback and anchoring.
It took a while for your behaviors and belief systems to develop, and it takes your brain some time  to appreciate your new
self responsibility and to develop new ways to do things.
Just  like when you are learning anything new, by the time you have learned how to use self hypnosis you will be used to your new ways of thinking and behaving, and you will feel empowered by the changes that you chose to make.

Of course some wish to pursue further personal development with ongoing support and supervision.
An experiential course of sessions are available and can be discussed to suit your needs.
My aim is to help you as quickly as possible to be your own master, working with your ownership of self responsibility, intuition and loving confrontation.
Learning to use daily self Hypnosis to monitor and notice what is really going on so the choices you make are responses and not reactions.

What do you need to get started?

Commitment and a genuine desire for positive change!

It was through my personal experience with Hypnotherapy that I became inspired to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The changes I experienced through the process of hypnotherapy convinced me that if you have the desire for positive change, anything is possible.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to discover the parts of our lives that may be outdated or inappropriate reflections of who we are today. It gives us the ease to explore ways to change these habits and routines. We are then able to access our creative selves and find a less cluttered way of thinking, living and being. ©2002



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Clinical Hypnotherapy and Ego State Therapy
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